Connecting Milk Donors & Babies

Breast Milk Without Barriers

Traditional milk banks have stringent qualification criteria that exclude many babies who could otherwise benefit from the magic of breast milk.

We are a non-profit breast milk sharing network
that connects carefully-screened donors
with local babies in need.

We strive to forge life-long bonds and support systems between connected parents, united in the shared joy of watching their precious baby grow.

Holden’s Milky Way aims to eliminate the financial barriers to breast milk donation and use by covering the cost of supplies needed for pumping and milk storage.

We Make

Cosmic Connections

In Holden’s memory, Taylor and Ryan established Holden’s Milky Way, with the hope that one day, every baby can have equal access to nutritious, natural breast milk, and that everyone who is able to safely donate may do so without worrying about the costs associated.

How can we help you?

If you would like to join our breast milk sharing network of parents and babies, click on the section that applies to you:

I have a baby in need of milk

There are so many reasons why your baby may not be eligible to receive milk from a traditional milk bank. Holden’s Milky Way aims to connect milk donors with babies in need, no matter where they come from or why they have been rejected by other milk banks.

I would like to donate milk

If you are interested in donating breast milk, but have no idea how to get started, click here.

Would you like to help in other ways?

Support Holden’s Milky Way

Using and donating breast milk is incredibly expensive!
donor Screening, pumping, storage, transportation/shipping can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars per month for just one baby.

Holden’s milky way aims to remove the financial barriers to breast milk donation and use through the kindness and generosity of people like you.

Shop in our store

100% of the proceeds from the Holden’s Milky Way store go straight toward our mission. Everything is proudly Made in the USA and super cute, even if we do say so ourselves!

spread the word

Like, share and subscribe to our various social media channels to follow our mamas and babies as they grow with each other, and help spread the word about Holden’s Milky Way.

make us your charity

Through the Amazon.Smile program, .5% of your purchases on will be donated to Holden’s Milky Way at no additional cost to you.

Our Most Popular

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsor One month of milk storage

one donating mama can run through 400+ storage bags per month! those costs add up quickly.

We believe that everyone who wants to donate milk, who is healthy enough to pass donor screening, should be able to – no matter her financial situation.

By sponsoring 1 month of milk storage, you will provide a donating Mama with 400 storage bags and 5 micro-steam sanitization bags to keep her precious milk safe and sanitary.

Sponsor a Milk transport cooler

We need sturdy, reliable, reusable coolers to ensure that every precious drop of breast milk stays safe.

For only $35, you will provide a cooler and reusable ice packs to one donating Mama, to ensure that her milk stays at a constant frozen temperature during transport to her Cosmic Connection.

Sweet words from some of our Cosmic Connections

Because of sweet Holden and his amazing mama Taylor,

my baby girl is getting what I couldn’t give her myself, breast milk and the amazing immune support that comes with it. She is such a happy, sweet and healthy baby. Taylor and her husband Ryan have put so much love into building this amazing support system, and Holden is now helping so many babies grow big and strong, and for that I am so so thankful. There are truly not enough words! I’m her mama, but Taylor is her donor mama 💕 And together, we are giving her the best chance to grow and have a healthy, happy life. Holden’s milky way has built amazing relationships that I will cherish forever.

I reached out to Taylor for Izzy

because my supply has went down and She refuses formula. Taylor is helping me get Izzy enough milk to get her to her 12 month mark. She brought 100 ounces of her own milk to my house so I didn’t have to get Izzy out. She is truly inspiring and has a heart of gold. I’m so thankful for her. She is currently helping me find another donor for Izzy.

My daughter was born 5 weeks early

and because of that I was not producing enough milk. She has had some health issues and we were not able to feed her formula. I am so thankful for Taylor, Ryan and baby Holden for providing the proper nutrition for Lilah that this mama couldn’t.

From the Blog

Words from our founder about finding love and strength through milk donation, coping with infant loss and supporting other Moms.

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Grief and Vulnerability

Grief and Vulnerability

December 22, 2019 - I have noticed that sharing and being vulnerable has been bringing those who have lost forward in strength. Those who unfortunately, can relate to my family’s current situation. So here it goes. I’m having a super hard time this morning. Anyone...

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