This guy right here… this wonderful, selfless, hard-working, emotionally supportive husband and dad right here. You held me tonight for a long time and you let me cry, as you always do, for as long as it takes.

I continue to pump every night and he knows how hard this is for me to do, emotionally and physically. It’s a serious commitment. One that he cannot fully understand, because he cannot experience it himself.

But I’ll tell you what he does understand. He understands the heartbreak I feel on a nightly basis that our son isn’t here for this. That the feelings I feel, cannot be consoled with words.

So instead, he falls asleep, every night, comforting me with a simple touch. A hand on my leg saying, “I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. You are not alone”. A hand to say, “I miss him too, I love him and I love you”. A hand, even when he doesn’t feel okay himself.

My God, how lucky I am. My God, how lucky Holden was to have you as his father.

Welcome to Holden’s Milky Way!

I’m Taylor & this is my husband Ryan. We are the parent’s of Holden & the founders of our nonprofit, Holden’s Milky Way.

We have three major goals that we aim to meet. This includes creating a milk-sharing network/platform where local mamas can match with another mama+baby to exchange donor milk & create a special relationship with another who just “gets it”. We believe that by meeting face to face, that milk-donation becomes far more personal; a common goal is met: to watch the baby receiving the milk, grow happy & healthy. Lastly, we hope to build lasting, life-long connections between our ever growing community that can provide physical & emotional support whenever it is needed.

Our mission is to connect others to this genuine support system. To provide lactation resources and medical advice. To provide a raw and emotional guide to infant loss and grief or any current struggle a family may be enduring. To remind you that you are never alone in your lactation struggles, your thoughts, or your emotions – a sea of supportive women and mother’s walk along your side. This non-profit is here to ease your tribulations and to provide a comforting, non judgemental resource.

It takes a village to raise a child – please be a part of our village and help us make a true difference in this world. To support others is to live like Christ.

Continue following us for Holden’s full story & how by simply existing, he has impacted so many others!