I have a baby who needs milk

    At this time, we are only forging donation connections in the state of Ohio.

    There are so many reasons why a family might need to receive milk from a donor. Perhaps you are adopting or fostering a baby. Maybe the mother has to take a certain medication that should not be passed to the baby through breast milk. Or perhaps you are one of the millions of mothers who are unable to produce enough milk to keep your little one full and growing.

    Whatever the reason, we hope to match you with a donor in your own community, from whom you would personally receive milk. Our donor Mamas come from all walks of life, but we are united in one common goal: to nourish and flourish with your beautiful baby!

    We are not a milk bank. While we are so, so thankful for the life-saving work done by traditional milk banks, WE AIM TO FORGE COSMIC CONNECTIONS BETWEEN DONORS AND RECIPIENTS THAT TRANSCEND THE BOUNDARIES OF SIMPLE NUTRITION. 

    How Cosmic Connections Work


    Use the form below to register your interest in receiving donated breast milk. We will send you a short questionaire.


    We will match you to a suitable donor in your area.

    Receive Milk

    You will meet with your Cosmic Connection at intervals of your own choosing to trade milk for cuddles and news of your beautiful baby <3


    Fill out the form below and we will send you an information packet and questionnaire.
    It will ask you questions like:

    • How old is your baby?
    • Why do you need donor milk?
    • How far are you able to travel to meet with your donor, and how often?
    • For what length of time will you need to receive milk?
    • Are you able to engage with us on social media and send us regular updates on your baby’s progress?

    Please return the filled-out questionnaire and one of our founders will contact you.


    If you are selected to join our program, we will match you with a suitable donor in your area. Donor selection will be based on many factors, including (but not limited to):

    • Your location
    • The age of your baby
    • The age of your donor’s baby (breast milk produced for a newborn has very different nutritional properties than breast milk produced for an 18 month old)
    • Your baby’s individual needs (are you seeking donor milk to supplement your own, or as a total diet?)
    • Your donor’s breast milk production capacity (some Mamas are also feeding their own children and have a little to spare that will suit a baby who needs supplementation; other Mamas are able to produce enough milk for multiple babies’ entire diet.)

    You will then meet with and get to know your Cosmic Connection.

    Receive milk

    You will continue to meet with your Cosmic Connection at regular intervals of your choosing to receive milk. Our donors commit to 3 months of milk donation, so you will have 3 months to share the joys, triumphs, trials and tribulations of parenthood with your new friend!

    We aim to help support you and your baby for as long as is needed. If you choose to re-enroll in the program for another 3 months, we will try our best to have another suitable donor ready to go when the time comes.

    How do we screen our donors?

    All our donors go through a thorough health history screening.

    All donors are screened for:

    ⭑ Detailed written medical and lifestyle histories

    ⭑ Medications being taken (prescription, OTC, herbal and ‘alternative’ remedies, mega-dose vitamins)

    We also ask all our donors to commit to the responsible use of alcohol, to refrain from all illegal drug and tobacco use and to avoid risky behavior that could expose them (and the babies they feed) to pathogens.

    Who is eligible to receive donated milk?

    We aim to assist babies not already accepted by traditional milk banks. 

    Milk banks must prioritize the needs of the most fragile and hospital-bound infants, with remaining milk distributed based on availability to community-dwelling fragile infants and older infants with illnesses that respond better to human milk. Most babies age out of milk prescribed by traditional milk banks by 3 months of age, as there is simply not enough to go around after this age. Purchased breast milk can cost over $4 per ounce, which makes it cost prohibitive to the vast majority of parents.

    There are countless scenarios that may cause a family to seek donor milk, including (but not limited to):

    • Adoption
    • Maternal health complications (mastectomy, histories of certain cancers, chemotherapy, medications, postpartum depression, etc.)
    • Latching problems that cause mother’s milk to dry up (lip/tongue tie, cleft lip/palate, inverted nipples)
    • Transgender parents 
    • “Bridge” milk to supplement baby until mother can feed herself 

    We offer community-based milk matching. If accepted into the limited pilot program, you will be matched with a suitable donor in your area who will give you frozen milk in-person. Holden’s Milky Way does not handle or pasteurize milk, so we cannot replace the services of a traditional milk bank which can serve premature, medically fragile or immune-compromised babies. We will be absolutely delighted to help match you with a donor in your area once your baby is healthy enough to move toward community-based milk matching! 

    How much milk is available?

    Every effort will be made to match you with a donor capable of producing the type and quantity of milk your baby needs. Our donors commit to a donation period of 3 months. Beyond that 3 months, you may choose to re-enroll in the program and we will try to find another suitable donor in your area.

    Some babies only need a little extra donor milk to supplement their own mother’s milk; other babies will rely on donor milk for their entire diet. For this reason, we match babies with compatible donors rather than guaranteeing a fixed amount of milk. 

    What do you need from me?

    Holden’s Milky Way is able to help so many beautiful babies thanks to the social media engagement and generosity of our donors, recipients and followers. We do not ask for anything in return, other than the occasional like, share, follow and update about you and your Cosmic Match.

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